22 October 2017

My Skincare Routine

I am getting into my skincare now as I have finally managed to find products which are not too expensive, and work on my sensitive skin. I've always found that if I use anything too fancy or products that are too harsh for my skin, my face just breaks out or causes a rash. I've never worried about a skincare routine because I'd get less spots without one. But now my skin will stay super clean and spot free from these products!

21 October 2017

Maybelline Vivid Hot Lacquer Review

I am pretty sure I have found my new favourite liquid lipstick! As soon as I put this on my lips I instantly was like yep love it, pop it in the hand bag. I have the shade Unreal, a nude brown which is perfect as I have been loving this colour at the moment. I have gone off pink nudes for now.

15 October 2017

I GOT BOTOX... In My Armpits!

I never thought I'd get Botox in my life! I thought it was just for lines, wrinkles and face lifting. When people think about Botox they picture the worst... and turn their noses up, but when it's done right it can look fab! However, I'm not talking about my face... and I hope I never do!


8 October 2017

The Body Shop Vanilla Pumpkin Review

I am actually excited for Autumn and Winter this year. Usually I'm not as excited because, I hate waking up in the morning all warm and cosy...then having to get out of bed in the freezing cold! However, right now I just want it to get cold! I like leather jacket weather but I can't wait to get out my boots and jumper dresses! I'm not looking too forward to the colds though... obviously. 


1 October 2017

Rimmel Lasting Finish Breathable Foundation and Concealer Review

I kindly received a VoxBox for free from Influenster full of some Rimmel goodies to try. Rimmel have brought out a new foundation and concealer which are supposed to be 'breathable'. Along with the foundation and concealer, I also received a contour palette as well as a lipstick! I have tried these out so continue reading for my honest thoughts!


10 September 2017

Benefit Soft & Natural Brows Set Review

After watching Jordan Lipscombe use some products from this set in a video I wanted to try Benefit brow products as they made her eyebrows look so good! When I went to a Benefit counter to buy the pencil they were selling a set with two full size products and some minis. At the time John Lewis were offering 10% off which was fab.


9 September 2017

Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette Review

I'm late to the party AGAIN... but I finally have purchased the Urban Decay Nake Heat Palette. After seeing everyone's pictures, reviews, videos and swatches I knew that I needed this palette. These shades are my go to at the moment so to have them all in one palette is amazing. I was that exicted about opening the palette that I actually dropped it on hard flooring and almost cried... the relief when I picked it up to find it still perfect!

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