28 August 2013

Back To School Makeup

Back To School Makeup

It's back to school time again. It can be a real struggle waking up in the morning and making time for makeup. I have chose these products that are natural and easy to apply.

My stand outs from the products I've chosen is the elf duo and the maybelline baby lips. I love how you can pick up the elf product and your blusher and bronzer are right there and it saves time. I also couldn't live without lip balm throughout school! However if you go for baby lips, I would recommended you choose the clear lip balms as they are more suitable for school.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this quick blog post and has helped you choose your back to school products.

Louise x


27 August 2013

Baby Lips!

As baby lips have finally come the UK I needed to buy some. I haven't been to boots or SuperDrug in ages as I've been trying to save up. I went into boots today and maybelline were 3 for 2 so this gave me an excuse to buy 3 of the lip balms!

I am in love with the packaging and the colours. I got 2 of the clear lip balms and one of the tinted lip balms. The colour pay off is amazing too.

They are moisturising and great size for placing in your handbag. These will defiantly be a must in my makeup bag for college! I can defiantly see how they have been raved about so much.

Louise x


August Favourites

So here's a list of my items I have been loving this month- the year is going by so quick and it feels like only yesterday I broke up from school and now college is only around the corner!


Clarins Rouge Éclat Lipstick- A coral coloured lipstick which gives you a quick lash of colour that lasts all day. Review here

Benefit Dandelion Blusher- This blusher gives you pink toned cheeks which looks natural and it isn't too 'out there' I am not a big fan on blusher so I really do like this one! I prefer wearing blusher when i have a tan therefore if you are a lover of fake tan like me you will also love this blush.

Real Techniques buffing brush- I like to use this brush for my foundation or buffing concealer in. It is amazing! Also if you have gone over board on blush/bronzer this can be used to tone it down(this is what i have mostly been using the brush for this month as I am heavy handed)

Skin Care

Clean&Clear Dual Moisturiser- I have used this moisturiser everyday this month. I love how it hasn't got any radiance effects in it and it is just a simple moisturiser to go under your makeup. here

Dirty Works body moisturiser- I have had sensitive skin lately and I have been reaching for this because it hasn't been affecting my skin. here


H&M leggings- At last, I have found a decent pair of leggings! I can now finally go out without worrying about people seeing my knickers(I get so paranoid and I hate seeing other girls knickers through their leggings, so not classy) These are thick and theres no way anyone will be seeing my knickers so I can now be confident in leggings. They are also cheap. These are far better than Topshop leggings. here


Music- Chris Brown ft Nicki Minaj Love more

Conor Maynard- R U Crazy

I have so many more things that I could write for my monthly favourites but these are just a few things that have really stood out to me!

Louise x


19 August 2013

Drugstore Favourites

Drugstore Favourites

Here is my drugstore must haves, am I missing anything that should be here? Tell me in the comments.

Louise x


Pop of colour-Polyvore

pop of colour

I have been addicted to Polyvore lately and I decided to connect it to my blog and post my favourite outfit along with makeup.

So as cami's have been on trend lately I thought a bright orange cami would look great with a pair of jeans. Even though the weather is moving onto the colder side this can easily be worn with a blazer which will look amazing and class the outfit up a bit more. The outfit can be made casual with converse which is what I paired the outfit with but it can also can worn with a pair of heels to change it into a night time look, therefore this is very versatile.

The Michael Kors bag is a item on my wishlist! It goes well with this outfit and I'm sure everyone loves the Michael Kors bag!

Into the beauty side of things I have chosen Nars sheer glow foundation along with a Nars bronzer which can be both worn in the day time and night time therefore it is suitable. The mascara will make your lashes pop and the lipstick matches the top and matching things are very trendy right now!

I wish I could own all these things, I am thinking about purchasing the top defiantly to add a pop of colour to my wardrobe, what do you guys think about my fashion/beauty picks?

Louise x 


17 August 2013

Heel Crazy

At the moment I have been totally heel crazy and if I could wear heels everyday I would! I was looking on the footwear section on Missguided and found these amazing bright coloured heels-perfect for what I was looking for. I have been searching for the perfect pair of heels to wear with a black dress and I have found them!
{Image taken from Missguided}

Aren't these just the most perfect pair of shoes you have ever seen? Tell me what you think!

Louise x


16 August 2013

Recent purchase!

So as I am going out next weekend and desperately needed to find a dress I scrolled down river island's dress section and found the dress I have been eyeing up for ages. To my luck it was reduced from £32 to £20 so I just had to order it.

{Images taken from river island}

If this dress takes your fancy be quick and order it from river island! They also do it in other colours. This would literally look good on anybody. I also love the detailing and for £20 you cannot go wrong. This would look amazing with a bright coloured pair of wedges! This will be my first item of clothing with cut out details. This is also good for people not comfortable with waist cut outs and gives a good alternative for the cut out trend.

I hope this has given you fashion inspiration.

Louise x


14 August 2013

Outfit Inspiration

Hi guys, as I love fashion and I'm sure everyone needs help with outfit ideas I just thought I'd share an outfit I am loving at the moment for you to re-create.


Vest top-Primark
Skirt-River Island

                          Louise x


9 August 2013

Makeup starter kit

So starting makeup can be quite tricky! With all different brands of makeup and variety of products to choose from it's hard to figure out where to start. Going into the drug store can be hard and overwhelming when you are starting off with makeup as you are not sure what products work best. So I have decided to create a blog post of my favorite drugstore makeup products that I would recommend beginners to start off with.

Foundation Rimmel London Lasting Finish- This foundation is a light to medium coverage foundation that is buildable. It lasts all day therefore you do not need to worry about your makeup slipping off. 

BB cream Rimmel BB cream- BB creams are good to use on a day where you don't want to wear a lot of makeup but you need to if you are not having a good skin day for example if you have a lot of hyper pigmentation or blemishes. This will even out your skin tone without looking like you are wearing anything. This is also long lasting.

Concealer Collection Lasting Perfection- This is an amazing product that has been raved about by everyone. This concealer will cover up any blemish you have. It is thick therefore it gives a perfect coverage. I would not use it under the eyes because it will crease but anywhere else is fine. This also lasts all day.

Powder Rimmel Stay Matte- This powder will set your makeup perfectly, taking away the shine so you stay matte for as long as possible. I would only apply this lightly to the T-Zone. It will also last a long time and it is compact therefore it can easily be thrown into your makeup bag for touch ups throughout the day.

Bronzer Bourjois Elice De Poudre- This bronzer will give you a bronzed look evenly around your face. It isn't pigmented which means you will not go overboard. You can build it till you're satisfied with the look. 

Eyebrows Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil- This pencil will fill in your brows to give them a more defined look. The pencil also has a brush on the end so that you can brush product out of them and put them into place. 

Mascara Rimmel Lash Accelerator- This mascara will lengthen your lashes and give them a lot of volume to give you perfect big black lashes.

Lips Rimmel Appocolips- This lipstick is in liquid form which will give you a glossy finish to the lips, they have a good applicator which will make it easy for you to apply if you are just starting makeup. 

I hope this has helped you get an idea of where to start with your makeup collection. This is personally my opinion for a basic starter kit. If you have any other products that you think are perfect for a makeup starter kit please leave them in the comments below.

Louise x


1 August 2013

Perfect barbie pink combination

As I said I have a new obsession with lipstick I thought I would blog about the other colour I like wearing on my lips which is pink. I haven't been brave enough to wear fuscia and bright reds yet but I am hoping to buy some brighter colours soon.

As a girl, of course I am going to love girly pink colours so when I saw this lipstick from Rimmel I just had to get it.

Rimmel London Lipstick-Shade 006 pink blush

These are perfect for on the go lipstick touch ups as they can just be thrown into your handbag or makeup bag and you are good to go. I love wearing this with a Rimmel lipgloss over the top.

Rimmel London Stay Glossy Lipgloss- Shade 140 Always Lovely

This is my go to barbie pink combination for summer. I would recommend the lipstick and lip gloss and it comes in all different colours to suit you! You can find them in any drug store and they are cheap and cheerful!

This is what it looks like on the lips and it looks nice with any skin tone!

Louise x


Clarins Lipstick

My new obsession over these last two months has been wearing lipstick. I've carried around a lipstick or lip gloss everywhere and now I don't think I could be without. I have been loving the Clarins lipstick that I was kindly given by a friend of my mums who works for a magazine company and gets free stuff every once and a while.

At first I didn't think I would wear it and it would sit in my makeup drawer forever until I decided to be brave and wear a different colour on my lips. Now I wear it everyday! The gorgeous coral colour goes well with a tan. With the luxury packaging it always feels nice to have a higher end lipstick. I think the packaging is smart and classy.

Clarins Rouge Eclat Lipstick-Shade 08 coral pink.

The lipstick itself is very easy to apply. It slides on smoothly across the lips and doesn't sit into dry parts. The best way to get a flawless finish on the lips from this lipstick I find is to use any lip balm before you start applying your makeup then when it comes to applying this lipstick you're lips are conditioned and makes the lipstick look perfect. The lipstick has a taste however it is not strong and doesn't stay on your lips which is good if you hate scents and tastes in makeup, but if you do like scents and tastes this is nice and doesn't have an artificial taste some drugstores leave your lips with. The lipstick is long lasting and glossy so you don't have to worry about applying it often when you go out. 

This lipstick is a thumbs up from me and when it runs out I am going to buy it myself. I also would like to have every colour! ahaha, I also caught my mum applying it which proves how good it looks!

You can buy this lipstick for £18.50 here they also have other lipsticks available and I would definitely recommend you taking a look!

Louise x

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