16 August 2013

Recent purchase!

So as I am going out next weekend and desperately needed to find a dress I scrolled down river island's dress section and found the dress I have been eyeing up for ages. To my luck it was reduced from £32 to £20 so I just had to order it.

{Images taken from river island}

If this dress takes your fancy be quick and order it from river island! They also do it in other colours. This would literally look good on anybody. I also love the detailing and for £20 you cannot go wrong. This would look amazing with a bright coloured pair of wedges! This will be my first item of clothing with cut out details. This is also good for people not comfortable with waist cut outs and gives a good alternative for the cut out trend.

I hope this has given you fashion inspiration.

Louise x


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  1. What a beautiful dress for such a great price! I'm glad they have other colors too but then it makes it so hard to decide on what I want. Great post!




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