13 September 2013

All About Boots

So this Autumn/Winter boots are a must! A pair of boots and fluffy socks and I will be good to go through the cold months! I have hunting for boots for ages. On Wednesday I went shopping and I went to River Island not expecting to find anything I like in there- then saw the most perfect pair of boots! Exactly what I was looking for.

They have amazing detail on them and they are super comfy. I am glad to get away from my converse as they were the only shoes I wore and I was getting bored of them. These boots will go with skirts,leggings and jeans therefore I can tell these are going to be all I wear for winter!

You can get these here from River Island for £45!

What do you think of these boots? 

Louise x


  1. Love the boots! Been wearing my Dark Red Vans for a while and need a change! Might buy them.. great review!xx

  2. They look extremely comfy and perfect for Autumn! :) xx


  3. Those are the cutest shoes. Very nice for these coming months as well!

    x leah symonne x


  4. Love these boots! You can style these in so many ways!


  5. These boots are gorgeous!!! Perfect for a/w, I really need to pick a pair up x


  6. Loving the boots :)

    Trill | esttrill.blogspot.co.uk


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