5 September 2013

Quick Easy Hairstyle!

So as everyone has gone back to school/college and may be in a rush in the mornings but still want to look nice heres an easy hairstyle we all know how to do.

This morning I couldn't be bothered to do something with my hair and it up in a ponytail looked rather boring so I thought I'd share what I did in a blog post.

So just tie your boring un-voluminous hair into a pony tail the way you like it.
Take out your curlers or straighteners and begin to curl the strands of hair.
And in 5 minutes you have...

Volumised, messy but classy hair!

In order for me to achieve this look I use my ghd's to quickly curl my hair. I found this quicker and easier.

If you have ran out of ideas to do your hair and have forgotten this one I hope I have helped. I can't remember the amount of times I have sat with boring straight hair and forgot how good it can look with a few curls.

Louise x



  1. Will be taking tips hun, I am SICK of having my hair down and plain!!


  2. Wish i had enough hair to pull off this hairstyle, great back-to-school stylish look!



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