1 September 2013

Tumblr Inspirations: Nails

Scrolling through Tumblr can be very addictive when you're bored, you end up scrolling for hours reblogging every image you like and it's never ending! I love looking at the makeup and fashion pictures and it gives me lots of ideas. One of my favourite things to reblog is nail art. As I get my nails done professionally as I cannot grow my nails and do not have the patience to do them myself I find myself getting lots of ideas every time I go for infills.

You can probably tell I love the nail designs with one finger white with black zig zags, and that is how I currently have my nails done. I love all these designs and I hope they have given you nail inspiration if you love nail art.

What one is your favourite?

Louise x



  1. I love all of these nails, especially the first one. Cute post!
    Mia ♡ Une Jolie Vie

  2. i agree with mia ! I love the first one, so super girly :)



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