24 November 2013


I have been seeing tartan everywhere at the moment and I must say, I am loving it and I have been looking at a few things to purchase so I am going to show you what I have found.

The first site I have been on today is Misguided and I haven't been on there for a while but I think it has become one of my favourite websites for online shopping. Not only is everything cheap but they literally have so many nice on trend things. The only thing I hate about the site is everything I want is out of stock in my size which is annoying so I will find myself checking the availability of my items I have placed in my wishlist everyday. I was also watching YouTube videos and a lot of people have been raving about tartan scarfs so the second site I went on was ASOS.

Tartan dress £24.99 here                                                                
Tartan dress £24.99 here
Images from Missguided

I love these dresses, they would look amazing with a pair of black tights and some ankle boots. The dresses are cheap and I would order them before they go out of stock as I can tell these are going to be popular. I preferably like the green version of the dress better.

Long sleeve tartan crop top £14.99 here                      
Short sleeve tartan crop top £14.99 here
Images from Missguided

I love these tops. They are very casual and wearable for everyday. They would look amazing with a skirt or disco pants. Love!

Tartan Skort £19.99 here 

Image from Missguided

Skorts are also need on trend and skorts and tartan is a big yes. They look great, unique and can really make a simple outfit look stylish and eye-catching.

Tartan Scarf £16.00 here

Image from ASOS

I have been seeing tartan scarfs everywhere and they look perfect for winter because they are big and cosy. If you don't like the tartan clothes but like the tartan trend you could always wear this scarf. 

Do you like the tartan trend? What is your favourite thing shown here?
Hope you enjoyed this post!

Louise x


22 November 2013

What I Got For My Birthday!

So my birthday was on the 14th of November so this blog post is a little late.. but I have been so busy so I haven't been able to sit down and write a blog post till now! Mainly, for my birthday I wanted money for a shopping spree but I also wanted things I have had my eye on for a while so let's crack on with what I got!

Hunter Wellies-  (It wouldn't actually let me access the site for some reason so I can't give an actual link to the wellies I got but they are the shorter wellies in black) As it is starting to get colder in England and I am expecting a lot of rain I needed some wellies and believe it or not I have never owned a pair of wellies before. I wanted the Hunter wellies to keep my feet warm and I am sure I will have to walk to the bus stop when it snowing or when it is really icy therefore I needed some extra warmth and easy to walk in boots! I love how these look like normal boots rather than wellies as I am not a huge fan in the knee length wellies. I got them in the colour black to match whatever outfit I choose to wear.

BaByliss Pro Hair Curling Wand- I finally can achieve amazing curls in my hair! I never used to like curls in my hair however I am getting bored with having straight hair everyday.When I did hair curls in my hair I would use my straighteners however it takes ages as the curls do not look as nice done by myself.. oh how I wish I could have salon finished hair everyday. These curlers are amazing because they are easy to use and give your hair quick perfect curls.

River Island Watch- I have a huge obsession with my watches. I feel naked without my watch(okay that's exaggeration but you know what I mean) therefore I obviously needed another watch. The last one I had from river island had white straps and a gold watch and I wanted a full gold one. I would have liked to have a Michael Kors watch but I think £295 for the watch I want is very pricey for my birthday.

Topshop Joni Jeans- I haven't included the jeans in the picture because I was actually wearing the jeans when I was taking the picture haha! However, the jeans were on the top of my wishlist for a while and I finally got them. I love high waisted things they are so flattering and I literally wear these jeans all the time. I am hoping to buy myself another pair in a different colour.

Other things I got were money for a shopping spree, Primark scarf and midi-rings, 2true lip gloss and fake eyelashes, Topshop voucher, john Frieda frizz-ease, big sparkly bows in silver and pink, black fur head warmer, 3D nail art gift set and big thick thermal socks to wear with my wellies. The presents and money are from my family and I also got a few bits from my friends too.

 I am so excited to spend my voucher and money so I'm sure you will see a few hauls in the future or maybe I could do a winter look book? I could also do a review on the John Frieda frizz ease spray. Tell me what you would like to see in the comments!

Hope you liked this post, thanks for reading!
Louise x


11 November 2013

REVIEW: MUA Cream Blushers

Blushers for me wasn't something I would wear when I was first wore makeup but now I am slowly liking the look they give. These MUA ones are the first cream blushers I have tried. It's best to start cheap to see if you will like them rather than buying more expensive ones however before I brought these I heard good things about them anyway and I don't think you will need to go for expensive ones if you are a budget buyer.

Left to Right
Scrummy, Yummy, Dolly

As superdrug have 3 for 2 at the moment I picked up 3 of these, two of the colours look the same but one of them is just a little less orange. I choose these 3 colours because I thought they would look the most flattering on my pale skin.

These cream blushers have great pigment, they have just the right amount of colour needed to add colour to your face or for a dewy finish. I love the texture of these blushes, they are creamy which blend out easily and quickly making them perfect for 'in a rush' makeup look.

Overall, I am very pleased with these and I would definitely recommend them to anyone. Even if you have darker skin they have other shades to suit you. They have a gorgeous bubble pink colour but I thought it would be too much for me.

Have you tried these? What do you think?
Louise x


10 November 2013

Whats on my face?

Rimmel lasting finish foundation in shades ivory and natural beige mixed together
Collection lasting perfection concealer in fair and Maybelline fit me concealer in 35 mixed together
MUA pro brow kit
ELF eyelid primer
Maybelline 24 hour colour tattoo in permenate toupe
Eyeko eyeliner
ELF 3 in one mascara
17 shine control powder in neutral
Bourjois delice de poudre in 51
Benefit dandelion blusher
No7 lipstick in 10 Chinchilla
Rimmel stay glossy lipgloss in always lovely

Hope you like this makeup look!
Louise x

8 November 2013


So, I have been shopping again... oops! But lately I haven't really had anything to blog about (you may have realised) However, I did need a new foundation and superdrug had 3 for 2 across all cosmetics so I kinda took advantage of that. I also went shopping last Sunday where I got my first M.A.C product, you can read about that here and also went to Lush which I have put in this haul for you!


Rehab Shampoo-£5.25
American Cream Conditioner-£4.50

When I went into Lush I was so overwhelmed that I had no idea what I was looking for. I literally looked at everything they had in the store till I was certain that I wanted something that was going to treat my hair. The very nice lady from Lush helped me make my decision on what products to get as I literally had no idea. I needed something to repair my dry and dead hair. She said that the Rehab shampoo would help to bring my hair back to life and add shine and repair my damaged hair and hopefully it does that, whilst the American Cream conditioner would make my hair smell nice(she said it would be almost edible.. haha bit over the top there) as the smell lasts for 6 hours in your hair and it will repair my ends. The American Cream is also good for blonde coloured hair!


L'oreal Lumi Magique Light Infusing Foundation-£10.99
Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer-£5.99
MUA Cream Blush in Dolly, Scrummy and Yummy-£2 each
MUA Power Pout Colour Intense Tint & Balm-£3
BarryM Nail Paint in Berry Cosmo and Cappucino-£2.99 each
BarryM Base Coat, Top Coat and Nail Hardener All in One-£2.99

I picked up the MUA cream blushes first and I couldn't decide what shades to get so I got all 3 that I had in my hand, but it also worked out as it was 3 for 2. I love the shades I got and I can't wait to try out these cream blushes. I also got the MUA lip tint and balm crayon as my friend recommend it to me over the bourjois colour boost lip crayons and said it was much better and cheaper. I also got the foundation I have been wanting to get for a while, I have foundations that I like and am happy with however I wanted to try something new. Lastly, I picked up 2 nail paints in Winter like colours that will be perfect colours to wear this season and a base coat, top coat and nail hardener all in one which I thought sounded cool and wanted to try.


Nivea Essential Care Lip Balm-£1

As the Maybelline baby lips were all so good packaging wise the actual balm did nothing for my lips. The colour and smell of them are great but it ended up drying out my lips. I normally opt for vaseline but I don't really like putting my finger in it therefore I found this Nivea lip balm in poundland which is so much better for moisterising my lips and it is also in a stick form. You can't also beat paying £1 for it.

What is your favourite product I have listed here? Have you tried any? Let me know in the comments!
Louise x


My Favourite Perfume (At the Moment)

A perfume for me is something that I have to REALLY love otherwise it will just sit with the rest of my un-used perfumes on my shelf therefore the smell of the perfume has to be perfect. Recently, I have been loving wearing perfumes rather than my normal body sprays. I used to prefer wearing body sprays because they were much cheaper and I could spray them on me all day and not have to worry about running out as they lasted forever and were cheap to replace. However with perfumes you can't really do that because they run out quickly. 

I have been using my Rihanna Reb'l Fleur perfume LOADS recently, now I have the tiniest bit left.. see my point about liking body sprays more however I CANNOT cope without this perfume so I will continue to buy it.

When I wear it I get a lot of people smelling me and I am frequently being asked "you smell nice.. what have you got on?" If you have the chance to smell this perfume I would because you will instantly be hooked to the smell. What I love about the perfume is that I can spray in on my top and the next day if I was to wear the top again it will be smelling of the perfume therefore I constantly smell nice. The perfume lasts a long time on the skin too.

I have always preferred the black bottle to the red bottle. The red version is called Rebelle and it has the same packaging but obviously red however the smell just isn't nice in my opinion. There is also a nude version which I need to smell. The price of this perfume is £19 for 30ml. 

Have you tried this perfume, if you have do you also love it? I think this would make a perfect Christmas present, and if I got this as a present I would be happy.

Louise x


3 November 2013

My First Ever M.A.C purchase!

A M.A.C lipstick has been waiting to be purchased by me for a long time now... and that time has finally arrived. 

I went on a cute little shopping spree in Cambridge on Sunday.  The town was super posh and the shopping malls had a good variety of shops.

The first shop I came across was M.A.C and I got so excited. I don't have a store in my shopping centre therefore I was super happy.

After a long time of choosing what finish I wanted, what colour I wanted and umming and urring between Up the Amp and Girl Bout Town I finally decided Up the Amp was the colour for me as it is a perfect vampy colour for the upcomimg cold months.

I thought the colour I would have brought was Creme de nude, however when I was looking at the different colours I decided that I wanted a stand out colour because it is £15 for a lipstick so I wanted something different. This lipstick is an amplified finish and I absolutely love it. I cannot stop wearing it.

What was your first ever M.A.C purchase? Do you have this shade? What is your favourite finish of lipsticks from mac? Tell me in the comments below. Hope you enjoyed this post.

Louise x


2 November 2013

November Wishlist

As the months go on and on so quickly we have finally reached my second favourite month November (obviously December is my favourite) as it is my birthday this month! So I have done my November Wishlist for you.

Chanel Healthy Glow Sheer Powder A £38 powder is not needed when there a good drugstore powders that do the job but to own a Chanel product would be amazing. The packaging is classy and would look great in my makeup collection.

Nars At First Sight Eyes and Cheek Palette This palette contains eye shadows that I would use everyday for natural looks and cheek colours that would be perfect for weekend looks or special occasions.  It has the famous Orgasm blush and Laguna Bronzer. At £45 this is a splurge but would be totally worth it.

BaByliss Pro Hair Wand I never used to like my hair curled but now I love the look. This wand has had my eye on it for ages. It is now £19.99 from Argos which is a bargain!

M.A.C Lipstick in Rebel I don't yet own a M.A.C lipstick so I will definitely be getting one with my birthday money or for Christmas. I love the shade rebel and it is the perfect dark colour for these seasons and it will also add a pop of colour to a plain outfit.

Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette This is on my wishlist as it will be perfect for quick and easy eye shadow application for college as I don't have that much time in the morning. Also I love the packaging. I want to join in (very late) with the urban decay palette hype.

Nars Radiant Cream Compact Foundation Since I saw Wayne from gossmakeupartist on youtube do a review on this I have wanted it ever since I love the look that it gives. Still, £28 isn't really on budget it will remain on my wish list.

I am hoping to get the naked basic palette, BaByliss pro hair wand and the M.A.C lipsticks also maybe the Nars at first sight palette as a gift. What's on your November Wishlist?

Louise x

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