31 December 2016

Looking back at 2016 and Ideas for 2017

Throughout 2010, 2011, 2012 and half of 2013 (I got bored) I wrote in dairies, everything I did each day. Thinking about it, that was a lot of commitment for my younger self (lol). When I was clearing out my drawers I found these diaries and looked back on the years and smiled to myself. It was so nice to read what I did when I was younger and it brought back so many memories of people who I had in my life. There wasn't much that was interesting in there mostly "went to school, came home, had dinner, went to sleep" or on the weekends "slept over at my friends house", "went out with my friend" "went to my nans". *Thinks back to the times when I had many friends and was out all the time* So when Louise (Sprinkle of Glitter) from Youtube released annual diaries that were super cute I had to purchase one. Then I decided to document everything I did again.


29 December 2016

What I Got For Christmas 2016

Christmas is over and done with already which makes me very sad. It's crazy how we do so much prep and then it's over so quickly. I really felt excited for Christmas this year. It's not really the same when you are older however, this year has been the first year where I could afford to buy everybody presents. Therefore, I was excited to give my gifts to my family. I was also excited to receive some presents too of course. I don't have a problem with anyone sharing what they got for Christmas. I get once a year therefore, Christmas is obviously special so I will be happy to show everyone. Plus I am grateful for everything. I had a lovely Christmas with my family and I am now feeling rather full. I love all the food at Christmas time. I hope you all had a great Christmas!


20 December 2016

My Fake Tan Routine

I LOVE fake tan so much. I have probably been using fake tan for 4 years now. I started off getting spray tans before experimenting with different products I can use at home. I won a Youtube giveaway once, including lots of fake tan products which enabled me to get started and practise. It didn't take me long to be able to achieve a good tan every time. So, I started off by using a tinted moisturiser before moving onto mousses. I like a good dark tan therefore I preferred using the mousses. I like to be tanned all the time but it's annoying that mousses are harder to scrub off and they don't last as long, seeing as you can always top up a gradual tanner. It is more effort using mousses every week but it's worth it to me seeing as I am overly pale. I think I have finally mastered fake tan. I know how to apply it and what works for me. It's a bit sad that I plan around my tan, deciding when it will be scrubbed off and re-applied for different occasions but I like it! If you want to know why I wear fake tan you can read my post here.


5 December 2016

6 Reasons Why I Wear Fake Tan

I feel like fan tan is something you either LOVE or you HATE. There are many users of fake tan however there are many people out there who would turn down the thought of applying fake tan straight away. Which is fair enough, not everyone wants to be tanned but some of those say they are too pale to even try fake tan... thats the whole point! I am pale, like probably more pale than you. I literally look like I am a piece of paper (haha). So, if I can get away with it then you probably can too! It's just the matter of mastering the application and removal. I'm not going to go into how to do this there are lots of tutorials out there on YouTube, and also reccomendations of the best ones (if you'd like to see a blog post about my tanning routine, let me know in the comments). However, seeing as I have been tanning for 3 years I feel that I can tell you why I wear it and give you some tips.


3 December 2016

Makeup Revolution Contour & Sculpt Pro HD Review

I haven't been able to stop going on about Makeup Revolution recently! My instagram followers have probably had enough... makeup revolution just looks too good in photos. My collection is slowly increasing in size with the many products I have been buying from this brand. In one of my many trips to superdrug, I saw a contour palette including 2 brushes and a sponge in a set. These sets have probably been brought out for Christmas, but of course I couldn't wait. I'm always up for trying new contouring products and I am in need of new brushes. This was actually bought for me but I'm pretty sure it sells for £12 which is a bargain! The set was one of my favourite birthday presents because of course, I love makeup. There are also many other sets so hopefully I get another one for Christmas. So if contouring isn't your thing, you should check out the other ones.


24 November 2016

Zoella Christmas Range: My Picks and Thoughts

I love Zoella and I love Christmas, put those 2 together and you'd think it would be awsome! But for me... it's a big fat UMMM yess... oh wait...no.So don't get me wrong the small details looks amazing, the colours are amazing and it looks super cute. When I first heard Zoe was releasing a gingerbread fragrance I was super excited. I was banging on and on about picking the mist up constantly saying "who doesn't want to smell like gingerbread at Christmas time?" (i now don't hahahaha) When I finally ordered this I was very excited to open the cute gift set it came in. However, after smelling it I turned my nose up and wanted to get that smell off my arm as soon as possible. It's safe to say I HATE gingerbread fragrances. It's too sweet, too sugary, too cinamony and all around gross. I put the cream on my hands just before I came to write this post to see if the smell would magically become any nicer but sadly it didn't. It's a shame I don't love her Christmas products due to the smell I'm sure I would have loved them otherwise. If you love this smell you're probably wondering what I'm talking about! But I think I'll just keep it to look pretty in pictures and in my room to keep my feeling festive.


20 November 2016

Makeup Revolution Brow Pomade Review

Makeup Revolution Brow Pomade offers long lasting, smudge proof, perfect brows provided by a cream formula and a water proof finish (details from superdrug). The glass pot makes the product look expensive and the plastic lid screws on tight. It a comes in a cute box along with a double ended brush which is dense enough to make it easy to apply. I have the shade blonde which I thought wouldn't be a good match for my brows. I like them to be ashy as possible as I don't want an orange tint. The product in the pot looks like it would give me that however, when I applied it I was suprised that it was the perfect shade for me. I usally use powder products which look more natural and last longer than any other product I personally think, so I wasn't sure how this would turn out. 


18 November 2016

20 Things I've Learnt at 20

20 seemed so old to me when I was in school but OMG I have just turned 20? WHAT! I can't believe I'm not a teenager anymore. I feel that I had a good childhood and have grown into a sensible young woman through different experiences. So, I thought I would write 20 things I've learnt at 20 for some of you who may still be in school or college and may find some helpful. Or maybe you're just curious about my life and how I have grown up. These are more sensisble things I've learnt and can relate to everyday life. I feel that when I speak to younger people and see how they feel they need to act it makes me sad. So I hope this could help at least someone! I have a lot more to learn and loads more experiences to have but for now...


17 November 2016

Magazine Freebiee: Thisworks Primer

I love buying magazines just for the free gifts! also like the things that allow you to smell a fragrance by peeling the sticker off, I'm always after a new favourite scent. When I saw 'Mask, moisturiser and primer in one' I was like what, how can that work? So I had to buy the magazine because I was curious. Plus, I was at the airport and had to wait around, so buying a magazine gave me something to do. For a free sample, the packaging is quite big so you are getting quite a fair bit of product to try out. I have never tried a product from thisworks so I was hoping for a great new primer for underneath my makeup. I have never got on with any primer before. I do not feel that any make my makeup look nicer or that it stays on longer than it normally does. My makeup at the moment is doing pretty well at staying on recently but that is all down to my favourite powder, so I wonder if I will find something amazing that gives my overall look something more!


10 November 2016

Nails For Autumn

It's time to start bringing out the darker colours for autumn and I am excited. Bright pinks can be cute but I am ready for a change. The picture above includes my favourite nail varnishes for A/W. As you can see I am a fan of reds and dark berry colours, dark grey shades, and glitter. Around Christmas time I love to add glitter to my nails as I feel it's suitable to the Christmas mood! I have loads of mini Ciate nail polishes because I got a calender from TK Maxx last Christmas. They are not my favourite and they are pretty expensive so I wouldn't pay full price for these! I also bought two nail polishes from Asda which you can see here and I recommend checking these out if you are on the hunt for some new colours because they are really good!


29 October 2016

Boux Avenue PJ Set Review

I wanted a nicer pair of PJS that were more 'grown up' and not from Primark. My PJ drawer is full of cosy ones and thicker winter ones but none that I partically would want my boyfriend to see. Like I have had some of them since I was 16/17. None them scream I am almost a 20 year old women. You know when women on TV shows look nice in their 'sexy' ish PJS around their partner in bed and look like they have their life together, yeah? no? I wanted to be like that. Not that boys care what PJS you are wearing, or do they? But it would be nice to feel femine in a silky, lacy 2 piece. I had also looked at these online so when I saw a stand outside the shop saying students 20% off I rushed to get these! They are so pretty! I feel like if you are going away for the weekend with your partner these would be a nice little treat to make you feel better and comfortable around them. Or if it is your first night sleeping with your boyfriend and wouldn't feel comfortable wearing basic PJS, sleeping naked or with underwear on haha!


22 October 2016

Weekend Report: Rain, Wine and the Titanic

Last weekend myself and my family took a trip to Belfast in Northern Ireland. There were loads of us as extended family came too. We all set off from Stansted airport in the UK. My Nan is from Ireland and there are so many family members of mine out there that I have not met before. My mum's cousin was getting married so our purpose for the trip was the wedding however we all wanted to explore Ireland. I haven't been on a plane since 2011 so I was a bit nervous. However, when I got to the airport I was so excited. I was talking so much shit on the plane. As the planes were queueing to take off I was watching every one I was amazed and was like "we are here and soon we are going to be in the sky like how?" I felt like a kid hyping over planes. Watching a plane take off is quite exciting for me lol wtf...


17 October 2016

Testing Soap and Glory Makeup

Soap and Glory is a brand that I have not really been into till early this year. I knew that the brand have makeup products but I never really explored the stand on my trips to boots. I'm not sure why but I really wish I had. The products are good quality and the packaging of all their products is amazing. I love the names of the products and of course they are affordable! I got the blush, mascara, lipgloss and brow kit from my parents last christmas. As my mum knows I love the Soap and Glory body products she got me these on a whim. I was so happy when I got these so I went out and got some more products. I knew that I wanted to try the bronzer because I will try any as I love being super bronzed. The eyebrow pencil was a must because it was mentionned a lot in YouTube videos. Then when I saw that they released nude shades of lipstick I had to get one from the collection. As for the powder, I heard good things about it from one of my favourite bloggers who also has a YouTube channel- missbudgetbeauty. I have tested out these products quite a bit so I can give my honest opinions so I thought I'd share them with you if you are interested in Soap and Glory makeup- which you should be... and you'll find out why!


8 October 2016

My Zoella Lifestyle Pick

So I love Zoe, I have been a huge 'fan' for yearsss so whenever she brings out a new range I want everything from it! This is the first thing I have bought out of everything Zoe has released just because I haven't needed anything really until now that she has brought out something different. The beauty range looks amazing but I don't really like having baths I am more of a shower kind of girl so the fizzers and bath lattes are not for me, and my skin is pretty sensitive to be trying lots of body creams. I also felt that the scents haven't been something I really wanted to be smelling like, but now I am actually going to use something EVERYDAY! As soon as I watched her video I knew I was going to be getting the cup, like how could you not? When I walked into my local boots and saw the stand of her lifestyle range I instantly LOVED everything  It is all so pretty and cute and it has more use for me. The cup came in a cute box with a pair of fingerless gloves for £14. It is a cute idea to include gloves seeing as there are obviously no handles! However, I do like to cup it with my hands and fingers when I drink so I probably won't use these much... but hot chocolate made with milk is fine for me to hold but I haven't tried this with tea yet! At first I thought it was a little bit pricey and I had to think about it a lot before I purchased but now that I have it I am glad I got it! I mean you could get a pair of gloves from primark for a pound and probably a cup for less than 5 but hey ho gotta give some support!

7 October 2016

A Cosy Cold Autumn Day

I feel like autumn is everyone's favourite month and it certaintly is for me too! As soon as it hit September everyone was excited, espeically on my twitter timeline! I feel that now it is October I can finally feel that is acceptable to really get into the autumn mood. The spicy scented candles are back, I am bringing out the boots and drinking hot chocolate. I am most excited for the first day I can reach for my jumper dresses that are waiting for me in my wardrobe, and the tights tucked away in my drawers. You can't beat autumn/winter fashion. I also love autumn because Halloween is close as well as my birthday and then it's Christmas, I just love the feeling at Christmas time. I'm sure I am not the only one who loves feeling cosy. I love wrapping up and wearing my dressing gown. Relaxing in the summer just isn't the same, you are too hot and sweaty so you just lie on your bed half naked with the window open and then all the bugs creep in. So I thought I'd write a post of what I do to be cosy on an autumn day.


1 October 2016

High End Makeup Haul

Last weekend I went on a trip with my family to one of my favourite shopping centres to do some serious shopping. I got some lovely bits but today I am going to share with you my beauty purchases. I love buying makeup in Debenhams, there's just something about that shop that makes makeup shopping EVEN more fun. It's nice to see that the store offers so many brands now including Too Faced, The Balm and Makeup Forever and I am SUPER excited for Kat Von D to make an appearance soon this month. As my auntie wanted to buy something in House of Fraser I quickly bought one of my items there as I was super excited looking at the makeup stands. However, one lady at the Clinique counter didn't seem very nice and normally when I see the people who work on that stand they look lovely so maybe I should have waited till I got to Debenhams but what can you do there's always going to be that one rude employee. ANYWAY, when I finally got the Debenhams I was in my element. As soon as I walked in there was a small stand showing off the Viktor and Rolf Bonbon perfume and I literally sprayed it all over me. That definitely needs to go on my Christmas list. If you ever get the chance to smell the fragrance you must!


25 September 2016

Asda/George Beauty Buys

I was curious to try out Asda Makeup to find out if it is actually any good or a waste of money. Whenever I walk down the beauty isle I always look at the other brands they sell such as Rimmel and Maybelline but I never think to check out their own brand. I had a quick browse and picked up 3 items. But I must add, nothing really jumped out at me and made me feel like I should be visiting the counter again.


18 September 2016

My Secret To A Good Hair Day

So my hair is a dry frizzy mess. I seriously need to improve my hair care routine, but it's something I don't want to spend my money on. The hair section or the makeup section? I know where I'm going! I have been dying my hair for quite some time now so it's safe to say it's not in the best condition. I had to get something to make my hair look smooth and glossy, so I found the Garnier Ultimate Blends Oil. I use this with the shampoo and conditioner and I really like it.


14 September 2016

L'Oreal True Match Highlight Review

I went to boots the other day to buy my favourite foundation which is of course L'Oreal True Match. I saw that they had a 3 for 2 offer on all of their products so I decided to try some new ones. When I saw this little beauty I picked it up straight away. As one of the colours looks like a shade of blue I was so intrigued. I love the True Match range which this highlight is part of, but I don't know how this highlight is a true match. Like who matches a blue highlight? Anyone care to explain? But anyway, how amazing does this look?


11 September 2016

Trying Products From Magazines

I was looking at magazines just for the gifts inside. Does anyone else do that? When I saw the Benefit Dew The Hoola Soft Matte Liquid Bronzer I had to get it, I love to be bronzed at all times so I am always eager to try out new ones.. If you are like me and you swear by the original Hoola bronzer magazine this could be for you! The fact that the product is matte makes it seem more appealing to me. Seeing as it's basically autumn/winter now I want everything to be matte leaving this product versatile, as you can use it to bronze as well as contour.


8 September 2016

Why I Dropped Out Of Uni

 I would recommend college over sixth form any day. You can still get into university, you get a new experience, more independence and a qualification you can use to get a job. If A levels are something you still want to do, my college offered sixth form also. This means that you are meeting new people, experiencing the college life and not living under teacher's rules. Plus you can wear what you want and express yourself.

As a 16 year old I had no idea what I wanted to do.. I chose to do childcare at college just because it sounded fun, being a teacher sounded cool having the holidays off right? I enjoyed the college course, coming out with a distinction. Working in a school was interesting and I enjoyed teaching the children and building relationships with them. The children really liked me, trusted me and would always come to me for help. The idea of being a teacher and being part of the children's success was so exciting for me.


4 September 2016

My Adulthood Checklist

I am 19 now and it's not long till my birthday in Novemeber. When I was younger I thought being 20 was considered old, but I was wrong! I still feel like I could be 17. I have loved being a teenager, not having many responsilbilities. The years are going by so fast, before I know it I could have my own home, pets or even children. This is all very exciting, I feel that in a couple more years I am going to be ready for this whole new life experience. I feel that I will want to be a family person which I have always dreamed of. 


3 September 2016

Bad Moms Review

I have just got back from the cinema. I went to watch Bad Moms with my mum as we both really wanted to watch it. In the middle of the film I thought "I really need to write a blog post about this"
and instantly I have opened my laptop and started typing.


2 September 2016

Bicester Village Haul

When my mum mentioned going to a discount outlet I was all up for it. However, I really did not think it was going to be so far away I was ready for a half an hour journey. An hour and a half later we arrived and I couldn't wait to stand up and stretch! I have gone further on motorways obviously but I wasn't prepared for this one. Plus motorways make me anxious and I was so tense.

Bicester Village is a designer outlet shopping centre in Oxford. It offers many brands that I buy from and many brands that I can't afford such as Burberry and Versace! I found some real bargains and I am so happy with my purchases!


1 September 2016

Boutique of Molly Bardot Cut Out Bodycon Dress

I am most definitely a shopaholic, most of the money I make is spent on clothes. As a special occasion is coming up soon I felt that Boutique of Molly would stock the most perfect dress for me and of course I wasn't disappointed. I love wearing black. Infact, most of my wadrobe is black. When this was delivered in a pretty pink package I opened it up straight away and to no suprise I loved it instantly. The delivery was quick and safe as it has to be signed for. If you order before 3pm you get next day delivery, what more could you want?


31 August 2016

Stationary Haul!

Whenever I see Back 2 School stationary I get so excited even as a 19 year old. The best thing about going back to school for me was going shopping with my mum to buy everything I needed and more! However, towards the end of the year I'd be left with a pencil, a pen given to me by a friend from the "I forgot my pen" day all shoved in my blazer pocket.

So I have finished my first year of University and there was no reason for me to buy any stationary as everything was done on computers. Now that I have decided to take a different path and go back to college again (long story) I feel that I have an excuse to spend my money on stationary.

I went to Wilkinson's which is one of my favourite stores. I love to look round the shop, dream about the items I'd buy if I had my own home and eye up the Pick 'n' Mix stand. It is also my favourite shop to pick up cute but cheap stationary.

 Yes... you caught me! I really did buy pencils with the times tables put on there, they will be helpful by refreshing my memory. I haven't done maths in a while so I can check my answers as I like to remember them off by heart rather than working them out. I love the note book saying 'Do What You Love' it's really fitting for my situation at the moment due to my life changes, the size is going to be perfect to fit in my bag. I bought the 'I really should' to do list as I'm always creating lists so why not get a one with flowers on? The Thoughts, Ideas, Plans and Dreams notebook is so cute I had to get it. I can jot down notes for future blog posts and all different types of ideas as I am very organised and love planning. As for the other note book with the diamonds, I thought I'd take this to work with me because I'll always need to jot down notes and again create endless lists. I love the flimsy notebooks from Wilko's they always do these but in all different colours and patterns, I've had them before and the different styles are again so cute! And of course I bought two packets of pens because why not!

I hope you enjoyed reading this post, do you have the same love for buying stationary as I do? I could have said 'cute' many more times but I had to stop myself.
Louise x


27 August 2016

Everyday Full Face Makeup Routine

My everyday routine definitely is not the minimal no makeup makeup look. I go all out but maybe when I start my new job and I have to get up early, I won't have time and basic makeup will be brought back. But anyway for now here are the products I use on a daily basis.

So I start with a moisturiser. I apply this mainly to my forehead as it can get very dry and cause my base to flake off and end up a patchy mess... which is not a good look. I find that my skin breaks out from every moisturiser I use so until I find the product for me I use the Botanics All Bright Hydrating Day Cream SPF15.

I use L'Oreals' True Match Foundation which is my abosulute favourite and I can't imagine using any other foundation. The application is so easy because it is slightly runny therefore alot goes a long way. I use 2 pumps, put it all over my face with clean hands followed by a brush to buff it all in and its blended within less than a minute! I wear fake tan everyday and the shade Golden Natural is obviously a true match! Therefore I'll never have a face that doesn't match my neck again! Of course I don't need to say anything about Maybelline's Eraser Eye Concealer it is a frim favourite of everyone's. This is perfect for under my eyes which I then set with the M.A.C Mineralize Skinfinish in the shade light which adds a tad more brightness! To set my face I use M.A.C Studio Fix Powder Plus in the shade NC30. My makeup never lasted all day till I found this so it quickly moved into my everyday makeup routine. I love how if my makeup comes off due to the heat I can apply this with a buffing brush and I have coverage again!

To contour and highlight I apply Sleek's Cream Contour Kit in light (obviously before powder). I only use the darkest colour as you can tell. I have experimented with the lighter colours but I did not like them personally. I wish I they sold them separately. To set the contour I use Maybelline's Master Sculpt Contouring Palette which I thought I'd never buy however my friend used it on me and I was sold! It's brown however has a slight ashy tone to it but it doesn't look like I have a grey line on my face unlike other contour powders I've used. To bronze it has to be Benefit's Hoola Bronzer, I use this on my cheeks and temples. To finish off I highlight my cheek bones with Mary Lou Manizer by The Balm and this is amazing! I would recommned the highlight to anyone.

My eyebrows are a nightmare! Yes I know... there supposed to be sisters not twins but mine are not even sisters... they are strangers!  I use the Brow Drama from Maybelline to comb my hairs into place and give them some kind of tint. I found that the only product  which give me hope for the perfect brow day is the Soap and Glory D-I-Y Brow Bar which contains the perfect ash colour for my eyebrows. In the pan it literally looks green but it's honestly the best shade I have found if you have blonde hair.

Lastly, I use the Rimmel Colour Precise Eyeliner and create a flick with the Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner. My favourite all time mascara is the Benefit Roller Lash however I ran out so I have currently been using the Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara which everyone compares to the Roller Lash however I don't see any comparison and I recommend Roller Lash for sure! If I have time I create an eyelook with Urban Decay's Naked Palette using the shade Naked in the crease followed by some Smog on the eyelid.

My makeup is never finished till I have applied M.A.C Soar Lip Liner, M.A.C Honey Love Lipstick and Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid Lipstick in the shade Nude Thrill. 

If I am going to be out for the whole day I spritz the Makeup Revolution Pro Fix Amazing Makeup Fixing Spray all over my face and I feel like this adds something extra.

So 30 minutes of sitting at this dressing table I am left with...

This! I know I used a lot of products but I like to think that I make it look natural. I like how the amount of eye product I use help to make my eyes stand out when I wear glasses. I hope you liked this post and if you have any good product recommendations please leave them in the comments!

Louise x

26 August 2016

My Interview Tips For Beginners

So I have had three interviews and I am still a beginner however I feel that I have improved so much and I have (sort of) mastered them (on a basic level)!

I'm sure we have all been there with the bad, awkward first interview for a full time job... or is that just me? I did not prepare so I had no idea what to say when it came to answering about 10 questions on the spot. My older self kicks my younger self... I could have saved myself from the embarrassment, but it's safe to say that the job just was not for me. So here are my tips to hopefully prepare you for a perfect interview!

Prepare Prepare Prepare!

There's nothing more important than this. Think carefully about what you are going to say. Google some popular questions for the sector you are interested in. Think about how all your skills and experience you have gained links to the job role. Once you have researched these questions you hold everything you want in your head to show your real ability and nothing will be forgotten! I wouldn't advise learning a script let it flow!

Research about the company!

It is a bit annoying when you research about the company and the interviewers tell you about the company anyway. Except on my third interview they actually asked me so I am glad I thought about everything I wanted to say. So don't just give the basic history of the company obviously they know that. Think about the values of the company, their goals and what you can bring to meet the standards of the company.

Dress smart!

If you are like me and you like to doll yourself up every morning it might give you more confidence. Wearing formal clothes will allow you to feel grown up and feel nice. At the end of the day, they will be judging you on your appearance no matter what.

Greet the interviewers!

It is important to smile when you walk into the interview room as well as shake the hands of your interviewers, this just helps break the ice.

Think before you speak!

You don't need to rush into your answer, take a few seconds to think about what you want to say instead of avoiding the awkward "ummm". Don't be scared to ask them to repeat the question and elaborate if you are stuck. If you are still unsure then just talk about your skills on a key word they may have said.

Be confident and have fun!

It's easier said than done but make sure you are confident. If you're not then fake it! Just think, you'll be talking to these people for max 30 minutes and then its over! And for fun I mean show your personality and maybe crack some (appropriate) jokes!

Thank you for reading my interview tips and I hope they help you for your next interview or maybe your first! These are just from what I have experienced so I am not a professional. So if you are applying for a job for a high up professional job then maybe take these tips on board and also search somewhere else haha! These interview tips could help you for college, apprenticeships and university or even your job.

Louise x

25 August 2016

My Experience With Eyelash Extensions

I was anti eyelash extensions until I was so fed up of applying mascara. I would always ruin eyeshadow, poke myself in the eye, blink and get it all under my eyes and ruin my concealer!  Plus I have rubbish eyelashes so no matter how hard I tried they were not going to look nice and my eyes did not stand out at all.
So I did some research and decided I really want to have these extensions. Fake eyelash strips was not an option for me as I am useless at sticking them on plus I can't trust them to not hang off during the day which would be very embarrassing! I was scared about having major gaps but I realised that lashes are glued to every individal eyelash and will only fall out with your natural lash cycle so I thought I would just go for it. I might aswell experiment they can always be taken off at the end of the day.

So I booked an appointment with a girl I have known since I was little and 2 hours later I was SO amazed at how good my eyelashes looked. I didn't go for long lashes, just full. I also had my own lashes tinted so that they looked extra black seeing as I have light eyelashes.

The only thing that is annoying about having eyelash extensions is that I find it hard to apply eyeshadow as well as taking it off. Also I like to rub my eyes when I'm tired and when I wake up in the morning so its really hard. Would this be a deal breaker for you? On the plus side I can do my makeup quicker and always have nice lashes.
So what do you think? Do you like them?
Louise x

24 August 2016

25 Facts About Me

Hi guys, so I have not uploaded a blog post since 2014... crazy! I lost interest and was super busy (in building a career I thought I wanted... well, we will get back to that another time) so my poor blog was just abandoned. But 2 years down the line and I'm ready to get back into blogging! I have decided to start fresh with a tag so you can learn a bit more about me since it has been a while! 
What is your middle name?: Marie
What was favourite subject at school?:  None I hated school! But if I have to pick then probably ICT as my closest friends were in that class and I got a top mark!
What is your favourite drink?: Diet coke (no, I'm not on a diet)
 What is your favourite song at the moment?: Justin Bieber- Cold Water
What is the last thing you bought?: MAC lipstick in the shade Stone
Favourite book of all time?:  Looking for Alaska by John green
Favourite Colour?: Pink of course! But you'd never see me wearing something pink!
Do you have any pets?: I have a black and white cat called Missy and then she gave birth to kittens and we kept one and called it Harvey.
Favourite Perfume?: Alien by Thierry Mugler
Favourite Holiday?: Christmas!
Are you married?: No, but I would like to be when I am older!
Have you ever been out of the country, if so how many times?: I have been to Ireland, Spain, America and Cyprus.
Do you speak any other language?: No
How many siblings do you have?: I have a brother
What is your favourite shop?: Primark and Newlook
Favourite restaurant?: Nandos
When was the last time you cried?:  I cry all the time, I am a very emotional person. I can easily cry over nothing.
Favourite Blog?:  I don't have a favourite it's too hard to pick!
Favourite Movie?:  Cross Roads (it's really old and has Britney Spears in it)
Favourite TV shows?: I have so many I can't name just one so I'll name a few: Pretty Little Liars, 90210, Gossip Girl, Scream, Bates Motel, Jane the Virgin and Love Island
PC or Mac?: Mac
What phone do you have?: iPhone 6s
How tall are you?: 5”4
Can you cook?: I try!
I hope you enjoyed reading this and if you have done this tag leave a link to it in the comments I'd love to read it! Thank you for reading and I hope you come back for more!
Louise x

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