25 September 2016

Asda/George Beauty Buys

I was curious to try out Asda Makeup to find out if it is actually any good or a waste of money. Whenever I walk down the beauty isle I always look at the other brands they sell such as Rimmel and Maybelline but I never think to check out their own brand. I had a quick browse and picked up 3 items. But I must add, nothing really jumped out at me and made me feel like I should be visiting the counter again.


18 September 2016

My Secret To A Good Hair Day

So my hair is a dry frizzy mess. I seriously need to improve my hair care routine, but it's something I don't want to spend my money on. The hair section or the makeup section? I know where I'm going! I have been dying my hair for quite some time now so it's safe to say it's not in the best condition. I had to get something to make my hair look smooth and glossy, so I found the Garnier Ultimate Blends Oil. I use this with the shampoo and conditioner and I really like it.


14 September 2016

L'Oreal True Match Highlight Review

I went to boots the other day to buy my favourite foundation which is of course L'Oreal True Match. I saw that they had a 3 for 2 offer on all of their products so I decided to try some new ones. When I saw this little beauty I picked it up straight away. As one of the colours looks like a shade of blue I was so intrigued. I love the True Match range which this highlight is part of, but I don't know how this highlight is a true match. Like who matches a blue highlight? Anyone care to explain? But anyway, how amazing does this look?


11 September 2016

Trying Products From Magazines

I was looking at magazines just for the gifts inside. Does anyone else do that? When I saw the Benefit Dew The Hoola Soft Matte Liquid Bronzer I had to get it, I love to be bronzed at all times so I am always eager to try out new ones.. If you are like me and you swear by the original Hoola bronzer magazine this could be for you! The fact that the product is matte makes it seem more appealing to me. Seeing as it's basically autumn/winter now I want everything to be matte leaving this product versatile, as you can use it to bronze as well as contour.


8 September 2016

Why I Dropped Out Of Uni

 I would recommend college over sixth form any day. You can still get into university, you get a new experience, more independence and a qualification you can use to get a job. If A levels are something you still want to do, my college offered sixth form also. This means that you are meeting new people, experiencing the college life and not living under teacher's rules. Plus you can wear what you want and express yourself.

As a 16 year old I had no idea what I wanted to do.. I chose to do childcare at college just because it sounded fun, being a teacher sounded cool having the holidays off right? I enjoyed the college course, coming out with a distinction. Working in a school was interesting and I enjoyed teaching the children and building relationships with them. The children really liked me, trusted me and would always come to me for help. The idea of being a teacher and being part of the children's success was so exciting for me.


4 September 2016

My Adulthood Checklist

I am 19 now and it's not long till my birthday in Novemeber. When I was younger I thought being 20 was considered old, but I was wrong! I still feel like I could be 17. I have loved being a teenager, not having many responsilbilities. The years are going by so fast, before I know it I could have my own home, pets or even children. This is all very exciting, I feel that in a couple more years I am going to be ready for this whole new life experience. I feel that I will want to be a family person which I have always dreamed of. 


3 September 2016

Bad Moms Review

I have just got back from the cinema. I went to watch Bad Moms with my mum as we both really wanted to watch it. In the middle of the film I thought "I really need to write a blog post about this"
and instantly I have opened my laptop and started typing.


2 September 2016

Bicester Village Haul

When my mum mentioned going to a discount outlet I was all up for it. However, I really did not think it was going to be so far away I was ready for a half an hour journey. An hour and a half later we arrived and I couldn't wait to stand up and stretch! I have gone further on motorways obviously but I wasn't prepared for this one. Plus motorways make me anxious and I was so tense.

Bicester Village is a designer outlet shopping centre in Oxford. It offers many brands that I buy from and many brands that I can't afford such as Burberry and Versace! I found some real bargains and I am so happy with my purchases!


1 September 2016

Boutique of Molly Bardot Cut Out Bodycon Dress

I am most definitely a shopaholic, most of the money I make is spent on clothes. As a special occasion is coming up soon I felt that Boutique of Molly would stock the most perfect dress for me and of course I wasn't disappointed. I love wearing black. Infact, most of my wadrobe is black. When this was delivered in a pretty pink package I opened it up straight away and to no suprise I loved it instantly. The delivery was quick and safe as it has to be signed for. If you order before 3pm you get next day delivery, what more could you want?

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