29 October 2016

Boux Avenue PJ Set Review

I wanted a nicer pair of PJS that were more 'grown up' and not from Primark. My PJ drawer is full of cosy ones and thicker winter ones but none that I partically would want my boyfriend to see. Like I have had some of them since I was 16/17. None them scream I am almost a 20 year old women. You know when women on TV shows look nice in their 'sexy' ish PJS around their partner in bed and look like they have their life together, yeah? no? I wanted to be like that. Not that boys care what PJS you are wearing, or do they? But it would be nice to feel femine in a silky, lacy 2 piece. I had also looked at these online so when I saw a stand outside the shop saying students 20% off I rushed to get these! They are so pretty! I feel like if you are going away for the weekend with your partner these would be a nice little treat to make you feel better and comfortable around them. Or if it is your first night sleeping with your boyfriend and wouldn't feel comfortable wearing basic PJS, sleeping naked or with underwear on haha!


22 October 2016

Weekend Report: Rain, Wine and the Titanic

Last weekend myself and my family took a trip to Belfast in Northern Ireland. There were loads of us as extended family came too. We all set off from Stansted airport in the UK. My Nan is from Ireland and there are so many family members of mine out there that I have not met before. My mum's cousin was getting married so our purpose for the trip was the wedding however we all wanted to explore Ireland. I haven't been on a plane since 2011 so I was a bit nervous. However, when I got to the airport I was so excited. I was talking so much shit on the plane. As the planes were queueing to take off I was watching every one I was amazed and was like "we are here and soon we are going to be in the sky like how?" I felt like a kid hyping over planes. Watching a plane take off is quite exciting for me lol wtf...


17 October 2016

Testing Soap and Glory Makeup

Soap and Glory is a brand that I have not really been into till early this year. I knew that the brand have makeup products but I never really explored the stand on my trips to boots. I'm not sure why but I really wish I had. The products are good quality and the packaging of all their products is amazing. I love the names of the products and of course they are affordable! I got the blush, mascara, lipgloss and brow kit from my parents last christmas. As my mum knows I love the Soap and Glory body products she got me these on a whim. I was so happy when I got these so I went out and got some more products. I knew that I wanted to try the bronzer because I will try any as I love being super bronzed. The eyebrow pencil was a must because it was mentionned a lot in YouTube videos. Then when I saw that they released nude shades of lipstick I had to get one from the collection. As for the powder, I heard good things about it from one of my favourite bloggers who also has a YouTube channel- missbudgetbeauty. I have tested out these products quite a bit so I can give my honest opinions so I thought I'd share them with you if you are interested in Soap and Glory makeup- which you should be... and you'll find out why!


8 October 2016

My Zoella Lifestyle Pick

So I love Zoe, I have been a huge 'fan' for yearsss so whenever she brings out a new range I want everything from it! This is the first thing I have bought out of everything Zoe has released just because I haven't needed anything really until now that she has brought out something different. The beauty range looks amazing but I don't really like having baths I am more of a shower kind of girl so the fizzers and bath lattes are not for me, and my skin is pretty sensitive to be trying lots of body creams. I also felt that the scents haven't been something I really wanted to be smelling like, but now I am actually going to use something EVERYDAY! As soon as I watched her video I knew I was going to be getting the cup, like how could you not? When I walked into my local boots and saw the stand of her lifestyle range I instantly LOVED everything  It is all so pretty and cute and it has more use for me. The cup came in a cute box with a pair of fingerless gloves for £14. It is a cute idea to include gloves seeing as there are obviously no handles! However, I do like to cup it with my hands and fingers when I drink so I probably won't use these much... but hot chocolate made with milk is fine for me to hold but I haven't tried this with tea yet! At first I thought it was a little bit pricey and I had to think about it a lot before I purchased but now that I have it I am glad I got it! I mean you could get a pair of gloves from primark for a pound and probably a cup for less than 5 but hey ho gotta give some support!

7 October 2016

A Cosy Cold Autumn Day

I feel like autumn is everyone's favourite month and it certaintly is for me too! As soon as it hit September everyone was excited, espeically on my twitter timeline! I feel that now it is October I can finally feel that is acceptable to really get into the autumn mood. The spicy scented candles are back, I am bringing out the boots and drinking hot chocolate. I am most excited for the first day I can reach for my jumper dresses that are waiting for me in my wardrobe, and the tights tucked away in my drawers. You can't beat autumn/winter fashion. I also love autumn because Halloween is close as well as my birthday and then it's Christmas, I just love the feeling at Christmas time. I'm sure I am not the only one who loves feeling cosy. I love wrapping up and wearing my dressing gown. Relaxing in the summer just isn't the same, you are too hot and sweaty so you just lie on your bed half naked with the window open and then all the bugs creep in. So I thought I'd write a post of what I do to be cosy on an autumn day.


1 October 2016

High End Makeup Haul

Last weekend I went on a trip with my family to one of my favourite shopping centres to do some serious shopping. I got some lovely bits but today I am going to share with you my beauty purchases. I love buying makeup in Debenhams, there's just something about that shop that makes makeup shopping EVEN more fun. It's nice to see that the store offers so many brands now including Too Faced, The Balm and Makeup Forever and I am SUPER excited for Kat Von D to make an appearance soon this month. As my auntie wanted to buy something in House of Fraser I quickly bought one of my items there as I was super excited looking at the makeup stands. However, one lady at the Clinique counter didn't seem very nice and normally when I see the people who work on that stand they look lovely so maybe I should have waited till I got to Debenhams but what can you do there's always going to be that one rude employee. ANYWAY, when I finally got the Debenhams I was in my element. As soon as I walked in there was a small stand showing off the Viktor and Rolf Bonbon perfume and I literally sprayed it all over me. That definitely needs to go on my Christmas list. If you ever get the chance to smell the fragrance you must!

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