24 November 2016

Zoella Christmas Range: My Picks and Thoughts

I love Zoella and I love Christmas, put those 2 together and you'd think it would be awsome! But for me... it's a big fat UMMM yess... oh wait...no.So don't get me wrong the small details looks amazing, the colours are amazing and it looks super cute. When I first heard Zoe was releasing a gingerbread fragrance I was super excited. I was banging on and on about picking the mist up constantly saying "who doesn't want to smell like gingerbread at Christmas time?" (i now don't hahahaha) When I finally ordered this I was very excited to open the cute gift set it came in. However, after smelling it I turned my nose up and wanted to get that smell off my arm as soon as possible. It's safe to say I HATE gingerbread fragrances. It's too sweet, too sugary, too cinamony and all around gross. I put the cream on my hands just before I came to write this post to see if the smell would magically become any nicer but sadly it didn't. It's a shame I don't love her Christmas products due to the smell I'm sure I would have loved them otherwise. If you love this smell you're probably wondering what I'm talking about! But I think I'll just keep it to look pretty in pictures and in my room to keep my feeling festive.


20 November 2016

Makeup Revolution Brow Pomade Review

Makeup Revolution Brow Pomade offers long lasting, smudge proof, perfect brows provided by a cream formula and a water proof finish (details from superdrug). The glass pot makes the product look expensive and the plastic lid screws on tight. It a comes in a cute box along with a double ended brush which is dense enough to make it easy to apply. I have the shade blonde which I thought wouldn't be a good match for my brows. I like them to be ashy as possible as I don't want an orange tint. The product in the pot looks like it would give me that however, when I applied it I was suprised that it was the perfect shade for me. I usally use powder products which look more natural and last longer than any other product I personally think, so I wasn't sure how this would turn out. 


18 November 2016

20 Things I've Learnt at 20

20 seemed so old to me when I was in school but OMG I have just turned 20? WHAT! I can't believe I'm not a teenager anymore. I feel that I had a good childhood and have grown into a sensible young woman through different experiences. So, I thought I would write 20 things I've learnt at 20 for some of you who may still be in school or college and may find some helpful. Or maybe you're just curious about my life and how I have grown up. These are more sensisble things I've learnt and can relate to everyday life. I feel that when I speak to younger people and see how they feel they need to act it makes me sad. So I hope this could help at least someone! I have a lot more to learn and loads more experiences to have but for now...


17 November 2016

Magazine Freebiee: Thisworks Primer

I love buying magazines just for the free gifts! also like the things that allow you to smell a fragrance by peeling the sticker off, I'm always after a new favourite scent. When I saw 'Mask, moisturiser and primer in one' I was like what, how can that work? So I had to buy the magazine because I was curious. Plus, I was at the airport and had to wait around, so buying a magazine gave me something to do. For a free sample, the packaging is quite big so you are getting quite a fair bit of product to try out. I have never tried a product from thisworks so I was hoping for a great new primer for underneath my makeup. I have never got on with any primer before. I do not feel that any make my makeup look nicer or that it stays on longer than it normally does. My makeup at the moment is doing pretty well at staying on recently but that is all down to my favourite powder, so I wonder if I will find something amazing that gives my overall look something more!


10 November 2016

Nails For Autumn

It's time to start bringing out the darker colours for autumn and I am excited. Bright pinks can be cute but I am ready for a change. The picture above includes my favourite nail varnishes for A/W. As you can see I am a fan of reds and dark berry colours, dark grey shades, and glitter. Around Christmas time I love to add glitter to my nails as I feel it's suitable to the Christmas mood! I have loads of mini Ciate nail polishes because I got a calender from TK Maxx last Christmas. They are not my favourite and they are pretty expensive so I wouldn't pay full price for these! I also bought two nail polishes from Asda which you can see here and I recommend checking these out if you are on the hunt for some new colours because they are really good!

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