10 November 2016

Nails For Autumn

It's time to start bringing out the darker colours for autumn and I am excited. Bright pinks can be cute but I am ready for a change. The picture above includes my favourite nail varnishes for A/W. As you can see I am a fan of reds and dark berry colours, dark grey shades, and glitter. Around Christmas time I love to add glitter to my nails as I feel it's suitable to the Christmas mood! I have loads of mini Ciate nail polishes because I got a calender from TK Maxx last Christmas. They are not my favourite and they are pretty expensive so I wouldn't pay full price for these! I also bought two nail polishes from Asda which you can see here and I recommend checking these out if you are on the hunt for some new colours because they are really good!

However, I hate painting my nails for many reasons:

1. I have to find time to paint them when I will obviously be able to let them fully dry without having to do anything else is hard because I like to be on the go rather than sitting down waiting
2. I hate painting my nails because I am so bad and I don't like to spend ages doing them
3. I hate having to wait for them to try, then they smudge and I have to paint them again
4. They chip a few hours later
5. They look awful after a few days and I have to do them again which I can't be bothered to do
6.  I then leave my nails looking ugly and it makes me feel gross
7.  I hate the size of nail brushes, the thin ones make it so difficult for me to paint, however a new colour I picked up from Barry M has a thick brush which saves time and my nails end up looking nicer
8. Some colours take 3 coats to apply and that's way too time consuming for me
9. I hate spending my money on nail varnish I'd rather buy makeup
10. I look at my nails from 2013 and they were so nice as I got acrylics every 3 weeks so seeing how gross my nails look now makes me feel like I don't make an effort anymore

The reason I stopped bothering with my nails was because of the money. When I saw the difference in my savings I was happy. However, recently looking at everyone's nails made me jealous. So my friend who is amazing at gel nails came to my house and made them look good again. I think that this colour (exhale by gelish) is perfect for this time of the year. I always bite my nails however the gel will stop me so I will be able to grow them out for my nails which will be good because I feel like short nails make my hands look chubby and ugly!

How do you do your nails? Paint them yourself? Get them gelled? Or have acrylics?

Louise x


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