22 October 2017

My Skincare Routine

I am getting into my skincare now as I have finally managed to find products which are not too expensive, and work on my sensitive skin. I've always found that if I use anything too fancy or products that are too harsh for my skin, my face just breaks out or causes a rash. I've never worried about a skincare routine because I'd get less spots without one. But now my skin will stay super clean and spot free from these products!

21 October 2017

Maybelline Vivid Hot Lacquer Review

I am pretty sure I have found my new favourite liquid lipstick! As soon as I put this on my lips I instantly was like yep love it, pop it in the hand bag. I have the shade Unreal, a nude brown which is perfect as I have been loving this colour at the moment. I have gone off pink nudes for now.

15 October 2017

I GOT BOTOX... In My Armpits!

I never thought I'd get Botox in my life! I thought it was just for lines, wrinkles and face lifting. When people think about Botox they picture the worst... and turn their noses up, but when it's done right it can look fab! However, I'm not talking about my face... and I hope I never do!


8 October 2017

The Body Shop Vanilla Pumpkin Review

I am actually excited for Autumn and Winter this year. Usually I'm not as excited because, I hate waking up in the morning all warm and cosy...then having to get out of bed in the freezing cold! However, right now I just want it to get cold! I like leather jacket weather but I can't wait to get out my boots and jumper dresses! I'm not looking too forward to the colds though... obviously. 


1 October 2017

Rimmel Lasting Finish Breathable Foundation and Concealer Review

I kindly received a VoxBox for free from Influenster full of some Rimmel goodies to try. Rimmel have brought out a new foundation and concealer which are supposed to be 'breathable'. Along with the foundation and concealer, I also received a contour palette as well as a lipstick! I have tried these out so continue reading for my honest thoughts!


10 September 2017

Benefit Soft & Natural Brows Set Review

After watching Jordan Lipscombe use some products from this set in a video I wanted to try Benefit brow products as they made her eyebrows look so good! When I went to a Benefit counter to buy the pencil they were selling a set with two full size products and some minis. At the time John Lewis were offering 10% off which was fab.


9 September 2017

Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette Review

I'm late to the party AGAIN... but I finally have purchased the Urban Decay Nake Heat Palette. After seeing everyone's pictures, reviews, videos and swatches I knew that I needed this palette. These shades are my go to at the moment so to have them all in one palette is amazing. I was that exicted about opening the palette that I actually dropped it on hard flooring and almost cried... the relief when I picked it up to find it still perfect!


3 September 2017

Jeffree Star Lip Ammunition Celebrity Skin Review

People have a lot to say about Jeffree Star but I just can't help it, I love his Youtube channel, his reviews are so honest and I 100% trust his product recommendations even if some are right out of my price range!


27 August 2017

New Zoella Lifestyle Range Haul

Zoella has recently brought out a new permanent Lifestyle range which is soooo cute! I love the colour theme as it is super me! When I was watching her video showing all the new products I knew I had to get my hands on some, so I went straight on to Superdrug. They are sold at other stores also such as Feelunique and Waterstones and a few more. There are a couple of other products that I liked that I didn't get which was the gold Inspire sign, I didn't get that because it doesn't match my room everything is white, black, grey and silver. I also loved the cushions but they were quite pricey for what they are. Also I loveee the notebook but I don't need a £15 notebook.


20 August 2017

Makeup Revolution Renaissance Day Palette Review

I bought this pretty little palette from Superdrug the other day. I think it was just the packaging that made me buy it to be honest. And the fact it has the word 'Renaissance' in it. I thought this would be a nice edition to my makeup bag as I prefer doing my makeup at work these days so I can get up a little later. I love the natural colours it has which will be good just for some definition in the crease. It gives me Urban Decay Naked Basics 2 palette vibes- which I absolutely love. 


12 August 2017

Baby Names I Love But Won't Be Using

Everyone on YouTube has been uploading videos about baby names they love but with reasons why they wouldn't use them. I have watched sooo many! Even those who are not pregnant are making the them! I love thinking of names so I thought I'd make my version into a blog post.

6 August 2017

A Catch Up & A Few Favourites

As I said in my last post I am trying to get back into blogging after ignoring my blog for a while. I suddenly got the urge to come and ramble on my blog. Maybe because of everything I'm feeling right now. I am just having a down week and I really need to get out of it. I posted on twitter that I have just had my first in person, raised voiced argument with someone and I actually stuck up for myself. I ended up crying after out of anger so I guess it is the time for all the emotions to come out.


23 July 2017

NYX Twilight Tint Duo Chromatic Illuminating Powder Review

Hi guys!

I literally haven't posted in over a month which is pretty bad. To be honest... I just lost all motivation. I was enjoying Instagram for a while and I was always in the mood to take pictures. But then I got bored of my theme and just lost interest. Also, I haven't been buying many beauty products lately. I am not cut out for the blogging life I think lol. My priority with my money at the moment is different. But I enjoy blogging and I am going to try and come back.


11 June 2017

Neutrogena Visibly Clear 2 in 1 Wash and Mask

I don't know why I am only just talking about this! I have been using this product for years now and I can't express enough how good it is! I bought this when I was a teenager in school. I used to wear a bit of foundation, powder, bronzer and mascara plus tons of concealer because I was getting spots. That was simply because my poor skin was not being taken care of. I was not removing my makeup properly- which is understandable, I had no clue about skincare. Once I bought this wash my skin was back to it's clear self!


26 May 2017

My Trip To Venice

Italy is such a beautiful place to visit. I went for 3 days and it was just enough for me. It was a good break for me and the weather was amazing... maybe a little too hot for all the walking. I stayed at Hotel Anastasia which was right by San Marco Square. It was a cute little hotel which was right in the centre. Everything was in walking distance and you are right by the shops and lots of restaurants.


14 May 2017

Garnier Skin Active Soothing Botanical Toner

I have tried a few Garnier products and I am a fan of their skin and hair products so when I saw this product in Superdrug I had to try it. I recently purchased a toner from The Body Shop so I was interested to see if this is any better as it is cheaper. I picked up the toner for dry and sensitive skin to suit me but I think there are other variations. So if you are new to toners, they are used to remove left over makeup after cleansing. This product promises to tone the skin leaving it feeling soothed by the rose water. A soothing product is amazing for my skin as it can become irritated sometimes. The bottle is the same as the other cleansing type products which I like, the rose on the bottle is super pretty which makes it recognisable if you have the other products.


7 May 2017

Tarte Maneater Must-Haves Collection

I decided to purchase the Tarte Maneater Collection as it was such a bargain! All these products are worth way over £100 together however I managed to get the set for £43 from QVC UK. Also, I have never tried anything from Tarte before so I justified the purchase more so I could discover the brand and see if it actually does have any must-haves. I love the packaging of the collection, it is so me! I haven't used this products properly- this post is just a first impressions so I can't say I'm a full time lover of Tarte yet.


30 April 2017

Essence Eye & Face Palette

Since recently discovering Essence and finding out how great the products I have tried are for the price, I have been obsessed with the stand! Whenever I pop into Wilko's I have to look at the stand and something catches my eye every time! This little palette looked interesting because firstly, the colours are all wearable and secondly I have never tried their actual face and eye products (just lip products). I think picking this up was a good idea as I have a rough idea of how their other face and eye items have to offer.


17 April 2017

The Body Shop Haul

I have never really been interested in The Body Shop as I thought it was just all about body creams and scrubs that I didn't really need. The only products I had used were the bath bits you get in a box with some ribbon on that you get as a cheap gift- which I thought was just average not going to lie. However, when I took a trip into there with my friend on our lunch break I discovered that it was full of skincare products that interested me! I was amazed at all the products on display, I have definitely been missing out. Another reason why I haven't ever checked out the shop before is because the shop in my town is always quiet, going into a shop to browse with employees starring at me gives me anxiety!


15 April 2017

Nivea Daily Essentials Sensitive Day Cream Review

I have been after a day cream for a while now. I want a moisturiser that I can wear everyday under my foundation that won't make my skin look oily, break me out or feel too thick. If you saw my last post, you will see one of my failed attempts of finding a daily moisturiser! Anyway, I found the Nivea day cream in savers for about £3 so I decided to give it a go. I picked up the sensitive version as I really do have sensitive skin. I didn't think I did till trying out new skin care recently. I have never had problems with Nivea before, so I had no doubts that this would harm my skin.


9 April 2017

January Labs Moisture Balancing Lotion Review

I purchased the Moisture Balancing Lotion by January Labs on Cult Beauty a few months ago and it was the worst decision ever. I have only purchased from Cult Beauty once when I ordered the ABH Modern Renaissance palette. Whilst I was on the site I checked out the moisturisers and this stood out to me. 


2 April 2017

NYX Haul

This post shows exactly why I should not work near town! On my lunch break me and my friend took a walk over to town which always ends up with us spending money. My local boots has only just got a NYX counter, I have been waiting AGES! Every time I go to Westfield there is literally hardly any stock left so looking at a full NYX stand was just heaven. They have so many makeup products that look amazing and professional too.


26 March 2017

My Holy Grail Makeup Products

Hi guys, so today's post is going to be about my holy grail posts. I have been using these products everyday for months now so I thought it was about time I'd share them with you. I can always count on these products to achieve a good makeup day.


19 March 2017

L'Oreal Infallible Total Cover Foundation Review

I must have said that I love trying out foundations so many times. Foundations are one of my favourite products so I love discovering more. Nothing will ever tear me away from L'Oreal True Match but it is fun to switch it up a bit every now and then. I would have never purchased this if I didn't see how good my friend's skin looked with this foundation on. It looked very smooth and matte. She said it is a mousse like texture which convinced me to buy this product, as I have always been about liquid foundations.

12 March 2017

Two Prodcuts You Need In Your Collection

I have heard so many things about Essence but I have never tried anything from the brand before. I found a stand in Wilko's and was thoroughly impressed so I had to pick something up! What stood out to me are the blushers and lip liners. The brand is rather cheap so please continue reading to find out why the products I picked are what you need...


5 March 2017

Weekend in Brighton

This post is 4 weeks late but I have finally got the motivation to write this post (I'm getting so lazy recently and work is so busy at the moment). I thought I'd share my weekend in Brighton as I had the best time but just a little warning for those who start scrolling- these pictures are probably the worst you have seen. They are taken on my iPhone camera and on snapchat which are quite rushed if I'm honest. I don't spend time on my pictures when I'm out and about. But, I just wanted to upload the pictures to my blog anyway for memories. Hope you don't mind! Haha!


26 February 2017

Super Facialist By Una Brennan Review

Looking for an AMAZING drugstore face mask which unclogs pores? Well I've got what you need! I can't explain how much I love this product, it's so good and so cheap. I have had this product for a long time and it has always cleared up my skin when I have been having problems. I haven't got the most problematic skin, I get the odd spots now and then but they soon go when I use this mask. I think this mask has changed packaging but as I said I have had this product for quite a while.


19 February 2017

M.A.C Burgundy Times Nine Eyeshadow Palette

I have been lusting over the Anastasia Beverley Hills Modern Renaissance palette for a while. It has been doing it's rounds recently and of course I want it just like everyone else does! Why? Because, have you seen the colours? They are GORGEOUS. I thought that for £41 it was rather pricey. When I found this palette, I thought I'd try it out. The ABH palette is full of brown, orange and burgundy shades and I thought this would give me some of the same vibes. The M.A.C palette is gorgeous as well and it is only £25! I love M.A.C eye shadows, I only own 2 (all that glitters and espresso) so because I like them I thought I'd try some more shades. I think that M.A.C has a great shade range of eye shadows and I want more! So, I'm not saying I got this palette to be a dupe of the ABH one but I don't have many cranberry, burgundy eye shadows and my makeup collection is missing out. When I received the M.A.C palette I was disappointed because of how it didn't meet my expectations on the colours. I feel like when I researched this, the swatches all looked different because of the lighting. It doesn't give off as much burgundy as I wanted. However, if I got this not having the ABH palette in mind I would 100% use this all the time. I have finally purchased the ABH palette and I can't wait for it to be delivered!


16 February 2017

Rimmel Lip Products Review

I have not experimented that much with Rimmel since I was at school. I used to be hooked on the lasting finish foundation, stay matte powder and an eyebrow pencil. Now, all I use is a liquid liner which is amazing. I'm not a fan of their base products anymore so I always skip this makeup stand in Boots and Superdrug. However, when shopping with a friend she went to see what Rimmel had to offer as she wanted more lip products. I was surprised and shocked at the amazing colours and lip products they had. My friend swatched so many lipsticks and as soon as I saw the the shade in this post on her hand I had to have it! We also looked at lip glosses as I am really getting back into using sheer glosses on their own, or over lipsticks.


5 February 2017

Makeup Revolution Amazing Fixing Spray Review

This is the first makeup fixing spray I have ever used and I absolutely love it. I can't fault it in any way. I love the packaging, the price and  most importantly, the product itself. Now that I own this I can't imagine not having it. I always think of times where I really needed this product due to my makeup having to be kept on for a long time. It's so much effort touching up your makeup all day but with this, one tiny pat in the T zone in an 8 hour period is all I need. 


4 February 2017

Garnier Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask Review

Hi guys, so today's post is a short little Saturday one. You may have seen these before but I thought I'd share my opinion on the Garner Moisture Bomb masks anyway! Tissue masks are such an amazing invention! It is so much easier to get a mask out of the packet and just put it on your face, rather than make a mess putting a mask on with your hands and washing it off. I got these masks from Boots for 99p each, what a bargain! So I took it out the packaging, fitted it on my face and the mask felt rather cooling and also smelt pleasant. I watched Youtube for 15 minutes and then peeled it off. I rubbed in the product (you can wipe it off if you prefer). My face was left very moisturised so for 99p I couldn't really go wrong and I have VERY dry skin too. 


28 January 2017

Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer Review

Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer (what a mouthful) promises that it will cover your most scandalous flaws with a lightweight formula which gives complete coverage and a demi-matte finish. It also states that no matter how much product you apply, keep building and building and it will blend whilst not settling into any fine lines. This is achieved through the Japanese green tea ingredient which revitalises and helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and brightening all complexions. Information found on Debenhams website


15 January 2017

Products Removed From My Everday Makeup Drawer

I am going to start by apologising for the horrendous quality of my pictures in this blog post. I have really upped my photography game over the last couple of months but I really have no idea what is going on today. I thought I'd upload the pictures anyway because I am sure you don't mind... and also I took these before going back to work after 2 weeks off and I am super busy so I don't have much time to improve these . Anyyyyway! As I was sat in my bed feeling poorly whilst getting over my cold I felt a sudden urge to get up and clear out my drawers, strange I know! My everyday makeup drawer was getting out of control and it ended up being hard to shut. I knew some products that I stopped using had to be taken out and replaced with new things that I have got and also old products that I want to bring out again.

8 January 2017

Beauty Buys from America

When my dad went to Vegas and I have never been to excitedddddd thinking about what makeup I could get. However, I don't think my poor dad wanted to visit different drugstores to find the many products I wanted. He kindly said if I wrote a list he would try to find some of the products. He obviously has no clue about makeup and brands so I made the list very clear and literally asked for a few things. I didn't ask him to go to Sephora as that would be a bit too much haha... So he came back with 3 items which I was very grateful for. He tried his best to find what I wanted and there was only 5 things on the list anyway. 


7 January 2017

Why I Find It Hard To Be Away From Home

Image Credit: We Heart It

Im starting to write this post at 23:42 after having a long think after writing in my diary. After closing it. I thought to myself "I wonder when my life will start to get interesting?" Now only I can make this change I know but there's many reasons why I am holding myself back. I could be out there like not even somewhere exotic but even visiting different places in the UK, having fun and meeting new people. But, I just don't make these plans and then sit there and wonder why my life is boring. Now I'm not saying I'm the most boring person ever, I have done some fun things and been on amazing holidays but its just rare. I'd love my diary to be packed of fun things frequently.


5 January 2017

NYX Lingerie Lipstick and HD Finishing Power Review

I'm not sure why but whenever I go to a Boots store and I see a NYX stand, I feel like I have to buy something to try out. I haven't really experimented much with this brand. My local store has so many signs for NYX and I was told by a member of staff it would arrive in August. It's January 2017 now and it's till not here! I have 2 matte lip creams which are nice colours but I am not really a HUGE fan. but I didn't give up on trying their lip products. I have had my eyes on the lingerie lipsticks for a while. I have also been wanting a loose powder so I thought I'd pick these two products up to try, because well, why not! They didn't have many shades of the lingerie lipsticks in stock however I am glad I found a nude. I was always for the bright and bold lip colours but I don't see myself coming out of this phase anytime soon! 

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