30 April 2017

Essence Eye & Face Palette

Since recently discovering Essence and finding out how great the products I have tried are for the price, I have been obsessed with the stand! Whenever I pop into Wilko's I have to look at the stand and something catches my eye every time! This little palette looked interesting because firstly, the colours are all wearable and secondly I have never tried their actual face and eye products (just lip products). I think picking this up was a good idea as I have a rough idea of how their other face and eye items have to offer.


17 April 2017

The Body Shop Haul

I have never really been interested in The Body Shop as I thought it was just all about body creams and scrubs that I didn't really need. The only products I had used were the bath bits you get in a box with some ribbon on that you get as a cheap gift- which I thought was just average not going to lie. However, when I took a trip into there with my friend on our lunch break I discovered that it was full of skincare products that interested me! I was amazed at all the products on display, I have definitely been missing out. Another reason why I haven't ever checked out the shop before is because the shop in my town is always quiet, going into a shop to browse with employees starring at me gives me anxiety!


15 April 2017

Nivea Daily Essentials Sensitive Day Cream Review

I have been after a day cream for a while now. I want a moisturiser that I can wear everyday under my foundation that won't make my skin look oily, break me out or feel too thick. If you saw my last post, you will see one of my failed attempts of finding a daily moisturiser! Anyway, I found the Nivea day cream in savers for about £3 so I decided to give it a go. I picked up the sensitive version as I really do have sensitive skin. I didn't think I did till trying out new skin care recently. I have never had problems with Nivea before, so I had no doubts that this would harm my skin.


9 April 2017

January Labs Moisture Balancing Lotion Review

I purchased the Moisture Balancing Lotion by January Labs on Cult Beauty a few months ago and it was the worst decision ever. I have only purchased from Cult Beauty once when I ordered the ABH Modern Renaissance palette. Whilst I was on the site I checked out the moisturisers and this stood out to me. 


2 April 2017

NYX Haul

This post shows exactly why I should not work near town! On my lunch break me and my friend took a walk over to town which always ends up with us spending money. My local boots has only just got a NYX counter, I have been waiting AGES! Every time I go to Westfield there is literally hardly any stock left so looking at a full NYX stand was just heaven. They have so many makeup products that look amazing and professional too.

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